ACE was formed to bring people together as part of ‘the connected experience’ ecosystem of Industry Associations to ignite and inspire, collaborate and converse, educate – and lead the way on cracking the most compelling, complex or even controversial topics.  Our goal is to provide thought leaders with a forum to discuss anything and everything on our minds so that we can experience the best, most authentic version of ourselves: provoking the growth and change that matters most to us as individuals moving within a collective. And, if solutions can be achieved together – even better 


We see our role as representing any subject that may cause unrest, make us cringe or retreat, or distract us from getting real with an issue and its implications. Our Promise is to stay focused on the central question, and through a group-prism of insight, collaboration and perspective – shedding light, identifying new possibilities or what-ifs, or inform new ways of practice – vs. policy setting or a political agenda. All in the spirit of trust and humanity. 

Here's what’s on our Minds. Now what’s on Yours?

Privacy Tracking.  The Role of Mobile Inside Environments.  The Touchless Society: Post COVID.  Metrics for Connected Experiences Attribution. 


There are already a lot of associations out there. Why do you need a group to bring them together?

The fact is, our industry is highly fragmented and as a result, we’ve e experienced first-hand a real lack in cross pollination of ideas and lack of aggregation and elevation of both conversation and education—particularly with the tough topics. We have a lot to learn from each other, but also a lot to solve together.

What ACE’s role?

ACE is simply operating as a catalyst—the organizations and their individual members are the sparks. 

Is this a membership-based organization?

A member is a person that belongs to a particular group. An Advocate is a person who supports a platform, by joining the conversation, contributing to the content, and by taking action. ACE is a group of organizations with members committed to uniting – through similar or diverse experience - with other Advocates of the Connected Experiences ecosystem. Each chooses their own level of participation, and to what topics or causes. 

Does it cost anything to belong?

Again, this is not an organization. There are no contracts, clauses, dues or duties. The cost to belong is merely time, energy, passion, conviction – and a desire to contribute and learn, share and grow – and tackle issues together.

How do you choose what key topics or causes to focus on?

The big issues bubble to the top of everyone’s list, so we simply ask our participating Advocates. After all, we’re living in the same trenches. 

We’re still defining and refining our road map, and our Advocate organizations will help steer the final list. Privacy has been first up, but the unexpected emergence of COVID-19 both escalated and altered how we are all looking at it. Just 2 months ago, using cameras in public spaces was being frowned on. Now, they are taking on an almost heroic role for making spaces safer. Wayfinding, space design and data as well—it’s all taken a pivot. We’re all navigating this new norm, and we will be actively addressing the topic with our Advocates.

Others include the role of mobile inside environments, designing for the touchless society, metrics for connected attribution analytics and more. 

Does ACE plan on publishing industry leadership / other guidelines?

Again, establishing criteria or engendering consensus for policy is not our mission. We sincerely hope that by bringing key issues and topics into Advocate forums, motivated, adjacent organizations will form cohorts to spark these kinds of formalized industry guidance. When they do, we will most certainly amplify them, and add value by pooling those messages out with relevance.